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Grading systems and procedures
Written by Azrul Hasni MADISA   
Monday, 08 November 2010 09:47

Grading Systems And Procedures

Aikikai Malaysia Association strictly follows the grading system established by the Aikikai Foundation, The World Aikido Headquater, Tokyo Japan. All successful Yudansha (Dan grade) examination will be registered to the Aikikai Foundation.

The process of Yudansha examination is administered by the Aikikai Malaysia Technical Committee (AMTC) headed by the Chairman, Muhammad Haneef Ali, 6th Dan Aikikai, accompanied with at least two members of the technical committee.

The Role of the Dojo Cho (Instructor)

Every Dojo Cho (Instructor) must apply to the committee 3 months earlier prior to every informed/notified Yudansha examination by filling in standard application form obtained from the association. Every instructor must ensure the required number of practice days of his or her students is fulfilled before applying for an examination. The minimum age for Shodan is 15 years and 4th Dan is 22 years old.

1. Stated below are some extra conditions needed to be fulfil by an affiliated dojo for upgrading
2. Yudansha will only be allowed to grade 4th kyu and below. Preferably, grading is done with the presence of another yudansha.
3. For 3rd kyu and 2nd kyu, grading must be done with by the dojo cho and another yudansha from another dojo.
4. The technical committee will oversee the grading of first kyu, shodan and above.
5. Grading by the technicalĀ  committee will be done twice a year.
6. A compulsory seminar for 1st kyu and yudansha will also be conducted once a year
7. 3rd dan and above would only be evaluated/graded through invitation by the technical committee
8. All upgrading fees mustĀ  be paid in full in advance

Our syllabus can be found here [aikikai_malaysia_syllabus.pdf]

Our Yudansha form can be downloaded here [Yudansha form]

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